Couples therapy helps people strengthen and heal their relationships

Searching for marriage counselors or couples therapy? Whether you need a relationship tune-up, a sounding board for an acute relationship crisis, or guidance for deepening your bond, my couples therapy services may benefit you.

Are you having:

  • marriage problems
  • conflict with your spouse or partner
  • thoughts of separation or divorce
  • in-law trouble
  • communication problems
  • unproductive fighting, bickering and criticism
  • unmet needs
Are you searching for:

  • marriage counseling
  • couples therapy
  • marital therapy
  • help with marriage problems
  • insight and understanding
  • improvement in the quality of your relationship
  • help getting your ideas and feelings across to your partner

 There is hope for relationships in trouble.

I offer down-to-earth help in couples therapy for people who are dealing with a variety of issues.

Some of the marriage counselors and experts whose work I respect and have incorporated into my practice with couples are:

I provide a highly confidential, non-judgmental, accessible, affordable service to couples. My office is conveniently located in Oklahoma City. Call 405-501-2651  for more information, or request a couples therapy appointment now.

Couples Therapy & Marriage Counseling Q & A

Q: Do you work with unmarried couples in committed relationships?

A: Yes, premarital counseling and couples therapy for non-married couples is available. However, I only work with committed couples. If you are not in a committed relationship in most cases I would recommend  that you each consider individual therapy sessions (with a separate therapist for each person) to clarify your needs, wants and goals in a relationship.

Q: I want to come to counseling but my husband doesn’t. Can you still help?

A: Yes, my services can still help. A change in one person affects the entire relationship and family — kind of a ripple effect.

Q: I just learned that my spouse has had an affair. Is there anything that can be done to salvage our relationship?

A: Yes. I have worked with many couples who have dealt with infidelity. We work to re-establish trust and accountability, to heal the wounds that have been inflicted, and to evaluate and resolve any issues that may have contributed to the rift in the relationship.

Q: How long will this take?

A: That’s a question many people have. In my experience, when a couple adopts the attitude that they will do whatever it takes to work through their issues they tend to make progress quickly. I ask couples to participate weekly for the first four weeks or so, then we can reevaluate and agree on a plan for further services.

If your issues are long-standing and deeply embedded into the fabric of your relationship it may require a greater investment of time and energy to achieve the results you are seeking.

Often people get what they need in a much shorter time than they first anticipated. In any case I will remain a resource for you and you can feel free to consult me down the road if there is a need.

Q: What if the relationship can’t be saved?

A: In situations where it’s clear to both parties that the relationship is not working it is my goal to help both people move forward in wholeness. Sometimes this means supporting one or both parties through a grieving process for the relationship.

Q: My spouse wants out of the marriage and doesn’t seem interested in working on things. Can you help convince them to try counseling?

A: Couples therapy requires a fair amount of motivation, energy and work to succeed. In my experience it is rare that someone who comes in just to placate their mate will invest the kind of commitment it takes for the process to bear fruit. Sometimes this is because last-ditch efforts may be “too little, too late.”

If your partner is truly on the fence, however, individual therapy for each of you may be indicated in order to establish readiness to work on the relationship. I am open to seeing the two of you for some “first step” sessions to help determine a way forward. And if your mate is totally unwilling to consider therapy I can offer individual support to you to help deal with the break-up and loss.

Q: You are an ordained minister?

A: Yes, a healing minister. I do not preach or pastor. I offer a heart-centered healing practice — non-denominational, non-judgmental and — by design — non-toxic.

Q: How much does couples counseling cost?

A: Check the fee page for details. Discounted multi-session packages are available – please inquire.

Please note: Health insurance does not pay for couples therapy as it is not a diagnosable medical condition. I do not accept health insurance.

Q: We need an evening appointment due to our work schedules. Can you book us in rthe evening?

A: Currently, sessions are scheduled during daytime hours T-F with rthe last appointment at 4pm. Limited Saturday hours aremay also be available.

Q: We are new parents. Is it OK to bring our baby to our marriage counseling sessions?

A: Our work together requires our full attention and focus. Therefore I ask that parents make childcare arrangements for their children. (I confess – I am easily distracted by kids!)