Holistic, Integrative and Spiritual Individual Therapy in Oklahoma City

Are you seeking individual therapy? Finding a counselor, psychotherapist, healer or helper is a very personal process. Your search for help in Oklahoma City may include: Psychologists,  Clinical social workers, Psychiatrists, Professional counselors, Marriage & family therapists, Psychotherapists, Pastoral counselors,  Energy healers, Spiritual support, Life coaches.

In my practice, I conceptualize individual therapy as a series of conversations which, over time, help the people I work with identify, prioritize and achieve their goals. Unlike traditional psychological or psychiatric services, my services are offered from a heart-centered, integrative, holistic and spiritual context. My spiritual therapy services (considered similar to “transpersonal therapy“) may not be appropriate for everyone. If it is evident to me that you may be dealing with a more serious issue which is impeding your life, I will provide appropriate referrals for additional follow-up. This may include referrals to more traditional practitioners including psychiatrists.

When looking for a healer, helper or therapist, I encourage people to shop around. Ask to talk to potential candidates for a few minutes by phone in advance of making an appointment. Most helpers are more than happy to accommodate such requests. Your needs and interests are paramount.

Therapy supports your strengths

In my healing work I seek to help people strengthen and support the health that they already have. Most who visit me already have 95-98% of what they need to solve their own problems and create satisfying lives. Entering a healing process with me enables people to maximize their own strengths and skills and discover new strategies and points of view that may be beneficial as well as to develop a stronger relationship with the Source. I’m very pragmatic in my work. If we’re following a path that is not helpful, we can make course corrections. I don’t expect the people I work with to fit my particular mold; Instead, the helping experience is tailored to each person’s needs.

Making the commitment to invest your time in a healing process with me signifies a commitment to yourself. It is an investment of energy. Though you may only participate in sessions once a week or so, you may find that its structure and regularity provides fertile ground for work done the rest of the week. Your existing abilities not only to cope — but to find greater depth and meaning in life — will be enhanced. I will be your witness, sounding board, and coach. An intuitive and empath, I listen deeply on multiple levels and can offer new perspectives on your concerns.

Are you new to therapy?

If you are new to therapy and the growth process you may feel some anxiety and fearfulness about coming in for the first time. I deeply respect people who seek me out for help, and I will do my best to help you feel at ease. We will work together as partners for your benefit…Acknowledging the benefit of the Spirit in our interactions and life.

My office is conveniently located in Oklahoma City. I have designed it as a comfortable, private and safe space for fostering personal growth. You can request your first therapy session in just a few minutes through the online booking form. Congratulations on your decision to make the investment in yourself through individual therapy.