Please note that office hours are by appointment only.

My office has moved as of 4/1/17.

Find me:

NOTE: There is a Suite 103 on both the front (east) and back (west) sides of my building. If you see “Time Solutions” you are on the wrong side of the building. Walk around to your left to the west (back) side to find me.

  1. From N May Ave. turn west onto NW 59th St. (City Bites/American Cleaners are on that corner)
  2. Follow NW 59th St to Brookline Ave. and turn right (north) at the white Midtown Apartments high-rise (formerly “Lakeview Towers”).
  3. Just past the parking lot  for the Midtown Apartments high-rise turn left into the south parking lot at Brookline Office Park.
  4.  Stand with Midtown Apartments behind you and face Brookline Office Park.
  5. Look to your right and take the sloping sidewalk which runs along the west (back) side of the east building.
  6. Proceed north past “Salon on Brookline” on your right and enter Suite 103.

If you get lost and need directions feel free to call me at 405-501-2651 and I will guide you.

Oklahoma City, OK