“Preach the Gospel at all times. Use words if necessary.”

— In the spirit of St. Francis

As a Christian, I counsel couples and individuals from a spiritual foundation of compassion and respect. I know that, even among Christians, there are many differences of opinion about spiritual matters as they apply to personal issues. But with my Christian counseling clients I work to transcend those differences and serve a unity of purpose: your healing and growth.

My own experience with Christian counseling

Many years ago I, too, sought Christian counseling. At the time I was fearful of “secular” counselors and was worried that they might somehow hurt me or undermine my faith. I chose a Christian counselor at random from the phone book and had the grace of finding a counselor who was exactly right for my needs at the time. My work with her was so inspiring and powerfully helpful that I eventually decided to make a career of helping others myself.

Non-judgmental Christian counseling

Although as a Christian I’ve been working in a helping capacity since 1986, I became an ordained minister in 2000 to further signify my dedication to Christ as a healer and therapist. My healing ministry is non-denominational and non-judgmental.

I view our work together as sacred. That doesn’t mean it’s stuffy, however. I have a well-developed sense of humor and my clients tell me that they find me down-to-earth and easy to talk to.

It sometimes happens that I work with couples where one member is a person of strong faith and the other is not. At other times I counsel individuals in Christian counseling who have lost their sense of spiritual connectedness. I am sensitive and respect each person’s spiritual journey. I will listen and offer feedback, but I will be careful not to crowd out the “still small voice” within you. Your spiritual relationship is between you and God: I am here to support you as you grow your faith and deal with life’s challenges.

If you are not a Christian, you will be treated with affirmation and respect and will never be pressured to change your beliefs. Dealing with spirituality and faith in our work together is entirely your call.

Whoever you are, my hope is that through our work together you will experience love, compassion, hope and light.

Religious & Spiritual Abuse

Have you experienced hurt or pain caused by religious institutions, family members or others?  It is possible to shed inappropriate shame, guilt and toxic indoctrination and lead a more spiritually empowered life. I will walk with you step by step as you sort through your truth and identify how to live your faith with authenticity and grace.

Frequently asked questions about Christian counseling

Q: What denomination are you?
A: I am a non-denominational Christian.

Q: Will you pray with me and my spouse?
A: Yes, if requested.

Q: Are you comfortable working directly from the Bible in sessions?
A: At times when Scripture occurs to me I may share it if I feel led to do so. If both you and your mate wish to work exclusively and directly from the Bible you may wish to ask your pastor for a referral to a counselor affiliated

with your church or denomination.

Q: Will you counsel my wife to submit to my authority in our marriage?
A: Submission to each other in love is the natural outcome when the heart is truly open to God’s love. In my work I help people identify and resolve barriers to receiving and giving love.

Q: I am a [Muslim, Jew, Buddhist…] Will you pressure me to convert?
A: No pressure. I will simply be present with you in love and respect.

Q: Do you believe in angels?
A: Yes! And even better — angels believe in me… 0🙂

I can be reached at 405-501-2651. Mornings are the best time to reach me but I return voicemail messages as soon as possible throughout the day. Appointment times for Christian counseling sessions are available during the day, and limited weekends.