Certified Ho’Oponopono Practitioner

Ho’Oponopono: Funny name, powerful practice

Certified Ho'Oponopono PractitionerHo’oponopono is an ultra simple yet transformational spiritual practice based on a traditional Hawaiian method of family and community healing and reconciliation.

I discovered the quiet power of ho’oponopono about a decade ago when a friend forwarded an email to me. The email contained an amazing  story about the method which piqued my curiosity. I was dealing with some serious personal challenges and figured I didn’t have anything to lose by experimenting with a new approach.

Surprisingly and refreshingly — It worked.

Perhaps you’ve heard the saying, “If you’re not a part of the solution, you are a part of the problem”?  By using ho’oponopono I was able to achieve a few key things:

  • Instantly interrupt my tendency to  contribute to the problems in my life (and others’ lives as well)
  • Easily shift my focus away from problems to peace while prioritizing my spiritual growth and a clearer connection to the Divine

It has felt like some kind of awesome spiritual eraser, bypassing my oh-so-busy mind and ego and allowing me to be clear about my true identity as a child of God.

Much has been written about ho’oponopono in the intervening years since it was popularized in that viral email and a popular book detailing the practice.

It is said that some of what was originally claimed is a myth.

While that may be true, I have found the core practice itself to be completely uplifting. Even when I engage in ho’oponopono for just a few moments I see benefits that never fail to  surprise — and even shock — me.

One of the recent teachers of ho’oponopono made some comments that I appreciate.

One… “Do not hang around gurus.”  True. All gurus have feet of clay. We know it on an intuitive gut level whether we consciously acknowledge it or not.  Fortunately with ho’oponopono no guru is required.

Two… As therapists it is not necessary for us to teach ho’oponopono to our clients. Instead, we ought to simply “show up” and love our clients and use the ho’oponopono meditation (or “cleaning” as it is called in this tradition) for our own spiritual benefit. Doing so automatically helps ourselves and, in turn, everyone we encounter.

Getting the Western mind (including my own) to unhook from the need for complexity can present a bit of a challenge. Adopting a mindful and prayerful approach is itself the solution. The actual use of ho’oponopono has a self-cleaning effect.

And while no one requires a ho’oponopono teacher or guru, it can often be reassuring to spend time with someone who supports you on your spiritual path.

My goal in becoming a Certified Ho’oponopono Practitioner is two-fold:

  1. To maintain this simple, peaceful approach at the foundation of my awareness
  2. To share this elegant, essential practice minus hype or confusing clutter

Let me know if I can help. – Linda Chapman


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