You can get a sense of who I am and how I work by exploring the website, but the best way to get to know me is in person. Here’s a little more information about me.

A lifelong Oklahoman, I am a graduate of the University of Central Oklahoma, where I earned a Bachelor’s degree in General Studies, Liberal Arts and Sciences. I also earned a Master’s of Social Work (Interpersonal Concentration) from the University of Oklahoma School of Social Work.

Professional Certifications:

Past experience as a psychotherapist in mental health settings

In the past, as a psychotherapist I served Oklahoma City clients at North Care Center, Sunbeam Family Services, Community Counseling Center, Red Rock Mental Health Center and Willow View Hospital.

I formerly worked as a mental health psychotherapist with child, adolescent and adult clients in community mental health, inpatient psychiatric, family service and private practice settings. I have experience with individual and couple counseling, family therapy, play therapy, and group therapy.

My current work as a spiritual therapist, minister and healer

In my current healing practice I work exclusively with adults. About half of my work as a therapist is with couples and half with individual clients dealing with a variety of issues and concerns. My practice is now offered in the context of a heart-centered, non-denominational (and non-judgmental) healing ministry. My spiritual ethic is based on respect, which means that you will never be pressured to accept my beliefs or to change your own.

I have had four levels of training in Healing Touch and am integrating an awareness of energy psychology into my practice which can help empower your healing process.

My mission is to help each person I work with develop and realize a positive vision of the future. Over time, the helping and healing relationship can become a space within which awareness, insight, and hope are nurtured and an appreciation of personal strengths and abilities is heightened.

My values as  a spiritual therapist and healer

My services are highly confidential, respectful, intuitive, empathic, and affordabe:

Confidential: Except as required by law, I will not disclose anything about your participation to anyone unless you specifically direct me to do so in writing. Additionally, I am the only person who will answer your phone calls or retrieve any messages you leave.

Furthermore, when you submit information on this website it is transmitted securely with bank-grade security to protect your privacy.

Intuitive: I value intuition, which is an instinctive way of knowing and understanding the world. I can help you discover and fine-tune your own intuitive abilities.

Empathic: I am highly attuned to clients’ emotional states. I can assist you in living more consciously by offering an objective point of view.

Spiritual: As a Christian, I live and practice from a spiritual perspective.

Non-judgmental: I focus on the context in which problems and crises evolve and work to promote understanding, not shaming or blaming.

Respectful: I know that you are the expert on your life. We will work together as partners in your healing process. It is my job as a psychotherapist to help empower you.

Thank you for reading thus far. I welcome your call at 405-501-2651 to get started. – Linda Chapman