Oklahoma City marriage counseling, individual therapy, stress and anger management, energy medicine

couple-springNeed to talk to someone? I provide marriage counseling,  individual and couples therapy, and pre-marital counseling in Oklahoma City with an emphasis on communication, anger management, and relationship education. Couples appreciate that not only that I am a skilled listener and coach, but also that I provide resources and skills-building activities which enrich their relationships beyond the session.

My services may be beneficial to you whether you need a relationship tune-up, a sounding board for an acute relationship crisis, or guidance for deepening your bond. Emerging from a broken relationship or divorce? I will help you understand what went wrong, clarify patterns and move forward.

In addition, I offer services to individuals: Talk therapy, stress and anger management educational coaching (certificate of completion available) and complementary healing (energy work and Healing Touch) as well as intuitive spiritual support, development and consultation.

Why Are You Here?

Perhaps you are seeking marriage counseling because your relationship is at a breaking point, or sadness and anxiety are hindering you. Possibly unresolved grief has you bogged down, or you’re just not coping with the stress of life as you would like to. Maybe you’re seeking help in your parenting role, wanting to explore your identity, lessen anger, cope with grief, or resolve family of origin issues.

Or maybe you’re experiencing the sense that there must be more to life and you want to figure out what you’re supposed to be doing next.

Whatever is bringing you here, welcome. I subscribe to the notion that there are no accidents in life and I believe you have found my site for a reason.

My approach to therapy, marriage counseling, healing


My approach to the helping process is warm, accepting and down-to-earth. I practice and encourage compassion and will help you feel at ease. I am a partner and a resource on your journey: You remain the expert on your own life.

Holistic and Spiritually-Oriented Therapy

I value the role of spirituality in the healing process. While I am a Christian, participation in services with me does not require acceptance of my beliefs.  I have provided therapy to individuals and couples from many religious and spiritual backgrounds as well as people who do not identify with any particular faith. My spiritual ethic is one of respect and tolerance for diversity.

Q: My spouse is against religion and uncomfortable with any discussion of spirituality. Can you still help us?

The people I seem to best serve have (at minimum) an openness to the concept of a “Higher Power” and/or the universal energy of Love.

Q: Are you a psychologist? Do you provide psychological services?

A: I am not a psychologist. I do not offer psychological services.  I am an ordained healing minister (not a preacher or pastor). I work with the higher vibrational energies of love, repentance, forgiveness and gratitude as led through the Spirit. By design, my work is a non-denominational, non-judgmental and “non-toxic” spiritual healing ministry.

Your first therapy session

christian-counseling-topIn our first session together I will of course be hearing about the issues and problems which prompted you to contact me. I also like to hear about your family of origin and get a sense of the context of your present life. If you are being seen for couples counseling we will talk about the history of the relationship.

We typically “hit the ground running” and cover much territory in the first session. Throughout our work together I will share  tools, techniques, exercises and strategies that you can use in-between therapy sessions to further empower your healing, including self-help energy healing skills.

I welcome your call 405-501-2651 for more information or to book a therapy appointment in Oklahoma City.

Linda Chapman